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Primal/Paleo Thoughts

I’ve been doing my best to stick as closely as I can to a primal/paleo way of eating. I’ve had a couple backslides, but have been doing pretty well with it. The key, so far, is to make sure that I have groceries in the house, of course. And even if I do, but find that I do not feel like cooking, I try to make sure I choose someplace to eat that has a higher chance of keeping me at least gluten-free and sugar-free.

I ordered a mixed package of grass-fed beef from Hat Creek Grown in Northern California and am loving their meat so far. We’ve made a few things – a chuck roast, NY steaks, and ground beef dishes. Right now, I have the cross rib roast in the crockpot. I’m a huge fan of roast-type dishes, because they are super easy and require little supervision on my part. Cooking is not really my forte, and not something I am very comfortable with.

In between beef dishes, I’m making meals using conventional pork and either conventional or organic chicken. Mixing in the conventional products helps me to bring my costs down for now, which is helpful.

Another site that I am loving is PaleoTrack.com, which is awesome for nutrition tracking. While the food database *could* be better, I find it suitable, and I especially love that it gives you the Omega 6 to Omega 3 breakdowns. I do find that eating REAL foods, I have to pay attention to how much I am eating and make sure that I am eating enough – enough protein, enough fat. If I don’t pay attention to that, then the amount I eat drops especially low and I do not need to be losing any weight right now.

I finished reading The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson the other day. That was a very good read. It gave me lots to think about when choosing my foods, and it was especially interesting to read the sections describing how our bodies react to the gluten and sugars, what that does to our insulin levels, etc. I liked the workout sections a lot too.

While I’ve never been one for working out or physical activity in general, I’ve been trying to work hard at incorporating that into my lifestyle. I had started doing modified push ups against a wall a few weeks ago, and am getting close to being able to do 50 at a time. So almost time to move on to the next type of modified push ups, which I believe is the girly version. 🙂  I’ve also been working on squats, which is not so easy, but I can do maybe 15 at a time. And we put a pull up bar in the doorway to our hallway, and I can do about 3 chin ups and 0 actual pull ups.  But I am working on it. Eventually I will be able to do ONE whole pull up. 😀