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Ginger Bug

Alright, last post for today. I’m terrible at keeping up with my blog. Sorry for that. 🙂

Another experiment in cultured foods that I am currently working on is a ginger bug. I had seen a couple posts on other blogs for creating a ginger bug to use for making homemade healthy sodas, and thought this could be fun! The recipe I decided to use is from Holistic Squid and her post How to Make a Ginger Bug.

The sugar I’m using in it is an organic turbinado that we already had, and so far, it seems to be working well. I started this on Sunday, and already, its starting to get bubbly and build pressure inside. I’m feeding it once a day, but checking the pressure a couple times a day. Her recipe says to put a tight lid on it, but others say to cover with cheese cloth or a coffee filter and allow it to breathe. I don’t know which is right (if there is a right or wrong), but I’m going with the tight lid.

When I opened the lid this morning to feed it, this is what I got:

Day 3 of my Ginger Bug

Day 3 of my Ginger Bug

Nice and bubbly. I’m guessing since my kitchen is more on the warm side, I won’t have to wait a full week. But I do need to get some proper bottles or decide if I’m just going to bottle the sodas in mason jars. And I’ll have to decide what flavors of soda I’d like to make.

I’m considering trying this Cultured Strawberry Soda, since I have some organic strawberries I need to use up from the farmer’s market we went to last Saturday. But I’ll have to make that soon, because those babies aren’t going to last long. This Apple Ginger Soda also looks good, but I’ll have to grab more apples to make that.

I’m still a little paranoid about this whole cultured foods thing, so I keep smelling everything to make sure it doesn’t smell good. Let me just say, this ginger bug smells GOOD!