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First Attempt at Bone Broth

I finally made my first attempt at bone broth. On Sunday, I started my broth. I adapted my methods from two different recipes. Most of the recipe comes from the bone broth recipe in The Paleo Slow Cooker by Arsy Vartanian. You can find Arsy at her blog, Rubies and Radishes. I also used some recommendations from the bone broth recipe found in Beautiful Babies by Kristen Michaelis. You can find Kristen at her blog, Food Renegade.

First, on the recommendation from the recipe by Kristen, I roasted my beef bones in the oven. I used all marrow beef bones, because that is what I had from my grass-fed beef order from Hat Creek. As the bones were roasting in the oven, they smelled SOOOO good! It was making me very hungry. Once the bones were browned, I transferred them to the slow cooker, along with most of the ingredients from the recipe by Arsy.

Here’s what it looked like at the beginning:

The start of Bone Broth

The start of Bone Broth


I let the bone broth do its thing overnight, only adding a little water when the bones started peeking out a little. I tried to skim off any impurities after a couple hours, but there wasn’t really much to skim off, maybe because I used high quality bones?

All night, we could smell the broth in the crockpot, and all night, I dreamed about food. In the morning, it looked like this:

Finished Bone Broth

Finished Bone Broth


Then I strained everything out, let the broth cool in mason jars, and then put it in the fridge.

After hearing from a friend that they know someone who puts the bones back in for a second go-round, I decided to try it, and set everything back up in the crockpot to see if I could get a decent second batch of broth from one set of bones. I also came across this post from Nourished Kitchen, Perpetual Soup: The Easiest Bone Broth You’ll Make. Loving this idea, I decided to keep going with this set of bones as long as I can.

For the second batch of broth, I ended up letting it go longer than 24 hours, and just strained it out this morning. The broth is now cooling on my counter before I put it in the fridge, and a third batch is going in the crockpot.

I didn’t add much, if any, salt to the batches, as that can always be added later when you use it, but cannot be taken away if there is too much. Yesterday, I warmed up a jar of the broth with a little added salt, and drank it. It was DELICIOUS.

Overall, the process is super easy and takes very little active time. Its so easy, I wonder why I didn’t try this sooner.