Plant Experimentation: Dioscorea Elephantipes, Day 34.


That sprout keeps getting taller! I’m beginning to open the ziploc bag for a little bit to introduce to lower humidity. Not too long though, as it is air conditioning season. Takes all the moisture out of the air.


Plant Experimentation: Dioscorea Elephantipes, Day 32.


It worked! Oh my! It worked! The one seed I moved to a moist coffee filter until plump, then moved to a small pot of Miracle-Gro in a ziploc bag, it has germinated! I opened the ziploc to give it some fresh air, and there is a sprout! Now I’ll have to handle the other four seeds the same way.

Plant Experimentation: Garlic, Day 4.

I took the cloves of garlic that had started to sprout in other pots and planted them into their own pot. I was using them to try to repel or kill fungus gnats, but that is not working for me at all. I read online about growing garlic indoors, and while I may not be able to get full garlic bulbs out of it, the garlic chives idea sounded yummy. So we will see what happens.

Mostly I am trying this out to see how they grow, before I go to the extent of ordering real garlic for planting. Besides, it’s the wrong season for planting.

6/20/2011 Garlic

Plant Experimentation: Dwarf Pomegranate (Punica Granatum Nana), Day 30.

I have four dwarf pomegranate babies that have been moved to their own individual pots with MG seed starter mix.

The first (PGN1) and second (PGN2) came from the ziploc of moist vermiculite that was left at room temperature. This set of seeds was NOT soaked for 48 hours prior to being put into the moist vermiculite.

6/21/2011 Punica Granatum Nana (PGN1)

6/21/2011 Punica Granatam Nana 2 (PGN2)

The third (PGN3) and fourth (PGN4) came from the ziploc of seeds in moist vermiculite at room temperature after being soaked for 48 hours.

6/21/2011 Punica Granatum Nana 3 (PGN3)

6/21/2011 Punica Granatum Nana 4 (PGN4)

All four pots are sitting in ziploc bags to retain moisture and humidity. They all have their first set of 2 leaves. I am not sure if this is what one would call “true” leaves or not. We will see if the next set of leaves looks different once they start to grow. The pots will stay in the ziploc bags until they have at least one more set of leaves. After that, I will start reducing humidity and eventually start moving them outside.

The remaining seeds are still in the moist vermiculite in ziplocs. There is at least one or two more that have germinated but do not have leaves yet. There are some that do not appear to have germinated at all yet. I’ll keep them moist and wait a while.

I did pull out the two bags of seeds in moist vermiculite from the refrigerator. One set had been soaked for 48 hours prior to going into the refrigerator, and the other was not. We will how quickly they germinate now at room temperature, after about 4 weeks in the refrigerator.

Plant Experimentation: Dioscorea Elephantipes, Day 30.

There is still no change in the first pot of dioscorea elephantipes (4 seeds remaining in there). No signs of growth.

6/21/2011 Dioscorea Elephantipes, Pot 1 (DE1)

The seed I had moved to a moist ziploc was nice and plump. No sign of roots or anything yet. I did move it to a pot with Miracle-Gro Seed Starter mix. I am keeping the pot inside a ziploc bag to maintain the moisture and humidity, at least until I see some sign of activity. I am trying to refrain from digging around them to see if there are any roots yet.

6/21/2011 Dioscorea Elephantipes, Pot 2 (DE2)

Patience is not a virtue of mine. =)

Plant Experimentation: Confederate Jasmine, Day 43.

There is no change with the confederate jasmine cutting as of yet. It is still sitting in a glass of water on the windowsill, with water being changed out periodically and any funk washed away and sterilized with a bleach solution. There is no sign of roots yet; however, only 1 of the 4 leaves has died. The other 3 are still bright green and solid, with no sign of distress. Hopefully this is a good sign, and hopefully it will eventually start rooting.

Plant Experimentation: Bowiea Volubilis (Sea Onion, Climbing Onion), Day 33.

My bowiea volubilis bulb (BV1) that was already starting to grow when I got it is doing well. I did find a mealy bug hiding in the papery skin around the base of the vine. I removed the mealy, removed the loose papery part, and checked as well as I could for any others. There probably are more. I think I am going to pick up a systemic for my plants, as one or two of my orchids has had mealy problems as well.

I do still need to pick up or make a little trellis for my friend to grow on.

6/23/2011 Bowiea Volubilis 1 - BV1

The second and third bulb have still remained dormant. Two days ago, I took the second bulb (BV2) and trimmed off dead roots from the bottom. I could see little root nubs under that, but it looked like they were probably having difficulty reaching the soil through the dead roots. I noticed last night that there is a little speck of green at the top of this bulb, where the vine is just beginning to grow.

6/23/2011 Bowiea Volubilis 2 (BV2), Picture A

It’s really hard to get a clear picture of the little speck of green where the vine is beginning to grow. I can barely see it clearly, so my phone’s camera cannot focus on it.

6/23/2011 Bowiea Volubilis 2 (BV2), Picture B

I also did a little trim on the roots of the teeny tiny bulb (BV3). This one did already have some live roots, and I left those alone. Still no sign of any other change from it, but I will give it time.

Plant Experimentation: Garlic.

I had read on a forum somewhere that putting pieces of garlic in the plant pots would help to get rid of the fungus flies. So I cut up some garlic and put a piece in each of the pots that stay in the house or come into the house at night. I noticed one of the pieces was looking weird a couple days later, and I realized that it was growing roots that were pushing it over. Crazy!

6/6/2011 Garlic Growth

So another experiment will come shortly! I plan to pot this into it’s own pot and see what happens. It’s probably the wrong time of year to grow garlic, but an opportunity has presented itself, and I cannot pass that by. So I will probably pot that up in the next couple of days.

Plant Experimentation: Daylilies from Amador, Day 2.

I ordered some daylilies from Amador Flower Farms. They had pretty good prices, and I had read that daylilies would do pretty well in my area. They showed up, but I couldn’t plant them right away, so they were starting to look a little peaked, even sitting in water. But I got them planted yesterday, so hopefully they will perk up quickly.

The first one is the Allegretto daylily.

6/6/2011 Allegretto Daylily Label

The picture on the website showed it to be a pink flower, with a lavender coloring in the middle of the flower.

6/6/2011 Allegretto Daylily

The next one is called Awakening Dream.

6/6/2011 Awakening Dream Daylily Label

This one is supposed to be a cream colored flower, with a circle of lavender in the middle and yellow inside of that.

6/6/2011 Awakening Dream Daylily

The next daylily is the Chinese Imp.

6/6/2011 Chinese Imp Daylily Label

This one is supposed to be a very pink flower. I love pink.

6/6/2011 Chinese Imp Daylily

The next is Dark Star daylily.

6/6/2011 Dark Star Daylily Label

The flowers of this one are supposed to be more of the spidery style, and should be purplish color with yellow in the center.

6/6/2011 Dark Star Daylily

The last one I ordered was Lavender Dew.

6/6/2011 Lavender Dew Daylily Label

This one is supposed to be a light purple color with lines of white going down the petals. Beautiful. I was running out of the larger pots though, and this was the smallest one, so for the moment, it is in a pot that is probably too small for it. Hopefully it will be okay for now. As soon as I make it back over to the nursery, I will grab a pot of the proper size and get it potted up.

6/6/2011 Lavender Dew Daylily

In addition to the five I ordered, I also received a bonus plant. This one is Winning Ways, which is supposed to be have bright yellow flowers. It is also listed as having dormant foliage, as opposed to evergreen like the others, so we will see what happens with them.

6/6/2011 Winning Ways Daylily

Daylilies are supposed to be very hardy and tolerant of neglect, so I have high hopes that these will spring back very quickly. The only thing I am worried about at the moment is the black pots, since it will soon be getting very hot. But they should only be getting sun from the morning until about noon or so. Hopefully they will thrive in that.