Plant Experimentation: Dioscorea Elephantipes, Day 34.


That sprout keeps getting taller! I’m beginning to open the ziploc bag for a little bit to introduce to lower humidity. Not too long though, as it is air conditioning season. Takes all the moisture out of the air.


11 thoughts on “Plant Experimentation: Dioscorea Elephantipes, Day 34.

  1. loving the success so far. Around 6 – 7 of mine have started to sprout little stems, they are only around 3cm tall at the moment and look ridiculously fragile so I think is slow progress at the moment.

  2. Oh good! Glad yours are sprouting too! I need to move the other 4 seeds, because they are still doing nothing (I think). I’m shocked at how quickly the little sprout is growing in mine. I’m thinking it’s maybe because I have the pot inside a ziploc and it’s staying nice and toasty. But the sprout is almost long enough to start hitting the bag.

    By the way, I sent you an email to the hotmail address you left here, with a link to an article on Dave’s Garden about Crassulas. Came across it this morning and made me think of you. =)

    Do you have a blog?

  3. sounds like yours are thriving! having the same problem with the size of the ziploc soon they will need upgrading i think. how long till you remove them from the bag do you think?

    thanks for the email that was really nice of you, the web page was amazing! has a wealth of information i love that sort of thing, now theres a person who knows their crassulas! ha havent got a blog myself, is it easy to set up?

    • Well, glad I’m not the only one having the ziploc problem. I started opening it up yesterday. I opened it for about 20 minutes. Opened it again this morning for about an hour. Might do it again later today. I don’t think that ziploc will be able to stay on much longer. I’m already having to keep a close eye on it to make sure the sprout doesn’t start touching the bag. I’m afraid of decreasing the humidity too quickly though, as I left a baby pomegranate plant open too long and the leaves shriveled dramatically. I don’t want to lose these.

      I’m glad the email came through and glad you liked the article. I thought it was quite amazing too! And I liked how the person also commented that it was based just on their knowledge and experience and how they didn’t think they were an expert. So much info though! I recommend the Dave’s Garden site. They have files on every plant, with info about zones, sun needs, etc. There is a forum for plant identification. I have posted several photos for identification and people are so quick to respond! Some of the forums are free (plant identification, I think, and all the beginning forums, and a few others), but I paid the $20 for a year to get access to all forums. Definitely worth it so far for me.

      The blog was very easy to set up. I think the hardest part was choosing the background theme, and that was just because I have problems making a decision. WordPress is pretty easy to use though. They also have an app for the smart phones, so some of my posts I upload from my android phone (though with multiple pictures and if I want specific text style, I use the internet). I recommend it. It’s been helpful in keeping track of my plant experiments. =)

  4. oh ok so gradually getting them use to humidity will help then, mine are looking really fragile today, not sure whats happened to them maybe not getting enough light. will keep mine in the bag for a while longer now then, got them all in seed trays so thinking about separating them out into their own bags now.

    Yea it was written very well, amazed they have the space for so many plants! I did go on daves garden a few times looking for other germination techniques for the elephantipes seeds and found a couple things so does seem useful. bought a succulent from homebase a couple of weeks ago, it had no name on it just looked nice so I bought it but have no idea what it is ha. Maybe someone on there will be able to work it out.

    Ha pretty sure I would have the same problem too i am a sufferer of massive indecisiveness but also laziness probably wouldn’t have the patience to keep updating things 😛

    oh thanks for the facebook add btw.

  5. I had read somewhere that gradually getting them used to the lower humidity outside the bag is better than shocking them. So I assume that is what I did to my shriveled pomegranate baby. I’m guessing the same would happen with the elephantipes, but not sure. Hmmm, yeah I don’t know about the light. I thought they didn’t need much, but could be wrong. I have the little pot with mine in the ziploc near a window, but that window doesn’t get any direct sun until afternoon. He seems okay so far, but we’ll see when that leaf starts opening up. Might not be a bad idea to separate them out. I’m not sure how quickly the roots grow or how fragile they are, so not sure how much that would harm them or not.

    Yeah, definitely post a picture of your no name succulent. They should at least be able to send you off in the right direction to try to identify it.

    Yeah, I have that laziness problem too, but I’m struggling to overcome it and make myself update my blog. I still have updates I haven’t made yet from over a week ago. But I really want to keep it updated, mainly because my memory is not the greatest and I tend to forget from one week to the next what I might have done with certain seeds or plants. Plus some of these seeds are really hard to find germination info on or good pictures of, so I figure maybe my experience will help someone else. But it’s a struggle, for sure. =)

  6. So glad to come across someone else who is growing these guys! I’ve gotten mine to sprout, but am basically flying by the seat of my pants from here on out. No clue when to transition them to drier soil, or when its safe to transplant the seedlings. Adventure in the name of awesome big caudexs!

    • No, Heather, I was glad to come across your blog and find someone else growing them! I really have no idea, either, about when to move to drier soil or transplant or anything. I thought the adult plants were impressive and had to have it though. So far, only one baby growing, and his little leaf is TINY, but the sprout is a good 3-4 inches long already. Strange little guy. Hopefully we will both continue to have luck. I’m terrified of killing the poor thing! =)

  7. hey how are you? hope your having luck with the seeds and all. thought id update you on the little guys. had some tragedy with a few of my seedlings wilting to death! may be down to the night time temperature being too cold or something but still have 3 going strong, one has opened out a beautiful little green leaf looks amazing, will email you a picture at some point if your interested. being a complete and utter noobie I have no idea just how long is right before re potting, got three attempts to get it right i suppose but being in the same position we can share our findings!

    • Hi Dan! I’m good, how are you? I still just have the one dioscorea seed growing. The other four have still not done anything that I can tell. The one that’s growing is about 4 inches long or so with a tiny little leaf on the end. The leaf is slowly getting bigger. I need to take another picture and post it. Sorry to hear about your tragedies! I had that happen to all of my pomegranate seedlings. So sad. I think for mine, it’s probably damping off or some kind of fungus like that. I was really trying to avoid having to cook my potting mixes in the oven (have you read about that? crazy!) to kill anything in it. I might try using the little peat pod things that come in the tray setups, as I read there is much less of a chance of that happening in those. Hope your other three remain okay! I’d love to see pictures of yours, especially so I can compare to mine and decide how healthy mine looks. I’m afraid mine might be a bit leggy. I don’t know about the repotting thing either. I’m not sure how strong their roots are or whether they like to be root bound, but I guess we shall see as we go along! Feel free to email me the picture or FB. =)

  8. helloo! how are you doing? sorry for not responding for like months, been getting all stressed with exams and moving house. what you been upto? how are your seeds doing?

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