Plant Experimentation: Dioscorea Elephantipes, Day 30.

There is still no change in the first pot of dioscorea elephantipes (4 seeds remaining in there). No signs of growth.

6/21/2011 Dioscorea Elephantipes, Pot 1 (DE1)

The seed I had moved to a moist ziploc was nice and plump. No sign of roots or anything yet. I did move it to a pot with Miracle-Gro Seed Starter mix. I am keeping the pot inside a ziploc bag to maintain the moisture and humidity, at least until I see some sign of activity. I am trying to refrain from digging around them to see if there are any roots yet.

6/21/2011 Dioscorea Elephantipes, Pot 2 (DE2)

Patience is not a virtue of mine. =)


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