Plant Experimentation: Bowiea Volubilis (Sea Onion, Climbing Onion), Day 33.

My bowiea volubilis bulb (BV1) that was already starting to grow when I got it is doing well. I did find a mealy bug hiding in the papery skin around the base of the vine. I removed the mealy, removed the loose papery part, and checked as well as I could for any others. There probably are more. I think I am going to pick up a systemic for my plants, as one or two of my orchids has had mealy problems as well.

I do still need to pick up or make a little trellis for my friend to grow on.

6/23/2011 Bowiea Volubilis 1 - BV1

The second and third bulb have still remained dormant. Two days ago, I took the second bulb (BV2) and trimmed off dead roots from the bottom. I could see little root nubs under that, but it looked like they were probably having difficulty reaching the soil through the dead roots. I noticed last night that there is a little speck of green at the top of this bulb, where the vine is just beginning to grow.

6/23/2011 Bowiea Volubilis 2 (BV2), Picture A

It’s really hard to get a clear picture of the little speck of green where the vine is beginning to grow. I can barely see it clearly, so my phone’s camera cannot focus on it.

6/23/2011 Bowiea Volubilis 2 (BV2), Picture B

I also did a little trim on the roots of the teeny tiny bulb (BV3). This one did already have some live roots, and I left those alone. Still no sign of any other change from it, but I will give it time.


2 thoughts on “Plant Experimentation: Bowiea Volubilis (Sea Onion, Climbing Onion), Day 33.

  1. Those are awesome! Where did you get them from? I have been looking for a Bowiea for years with no luck (literally since high school, when I came across them in a book). Are they easy to grow so far?

    I officially have plant envy right now 🙂

    • Hi Heather,

      The bowiea’s I picked up from Hortus Botanicus. They have what I ordered for $5.00 ( I expected one small bulb, but I got 3 small ones, one about pea size. They also sell 20 small ones, about pea size, for $18.00 right now ( So far, they’ve been super easy. The roots are still pretty short, so I had just been doing a little water occasionally on the top. Only one was active to begin with. The other two completely dormant (a small one and the pea size one). About a week or so ago, I had taken the larger dormant bulb and removed a layer of outer skin and trimmed the dead roots (probably from shipping), so the live little root nubs could reach the soil and moisture. By the next day, it had a little green tip starting. The teeny tiny one was still not doing much, so yesterday I cut the tip off and it looks like it is now starting to grow. Super easy though. I recommend ordering some (order the 20 babies!!!). I was looking for a plant that has the little bulb offsets, like my pregnant onion (super easy!), and came across the bowieas.

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