Life with Kali: Kill the Lion!

Kali got a new toy to play with today. We bought it the other day for her. It is the same type as her piggy, which lasted a good 3-4 weeks. They were out of the piggy at PetSmart, so we grabbed the lion. However, first, the lion had to get a haircut.

6/7/2011 Kali's Lion after his haircut

Poor lion lost his mane. But I would prefer not to have to fish out pieces of mane fur from Kali’s big mouth. After haircut, he was ready to play.

6/7/2011 Bite his ear off!

Of course, Kali loves it, as she does any new toy she gets. Here she is chewing on his ear. Bite the ear off!

She’s been playing with the poor thing all day. She runs around with it, all crazy, jumping on and off the couch, in and out of her crate, around and around. Then she’ll rest for a moment.

6/7/2011 Taking a breather...


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