Plant Experimentation: Plumeria Hybrid Seeds, Day 13.

A couple days ago, I had moved the plumeria seeds out of moist paper towels and into moist coffee filters, because I was having problems with a variety of seeds getting a little moldy in the paper towels. The coffee filters seem to be a little more sterile, and I spray them with hydrogen peroxide water, so that helps too.

One of the plumeria seeds sprouted a little root. Unfortunately, it sent it’s root down through the bottom of the coffee filter. I had to cut the coffee filter away around it, but the root did not seem to sustain any damage.

6/6/2011 Germinating Plumeria Seed

I potted it into moist vermiculite, which is where I plan to leave it until it starts sprouting above the surface.

6/6/2011 Plumeria Seed Potted in Moist Vermiculite

The pot is going inside a ziploc bag for now, to help retain moisture. This will be placed in a warm sunny spot, though avoiding direct sunlight to avoid baking the seed.

6/6/2011 Ziploc for Potted Plumeria Seed


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