Plant Experimentation: Dioscorea Elephantipes, Day 13.

No sign of any activity from the dioscorea elephantipes seeds. I think they are supposed to be very slow and erratic. So I decided to take one of the seeds out of the pot where I had the others.

6/6/2011 Dioscorea Elephantipes Seed

At least there does not seem to be any sign of rot or anything. But no sign of activity either. So I moved this into a moist coffee filter and put it into a ziploc.

6/6/2011 Ziploc for Dioscorea Elephantipes Seed

This may end up causing the seed to rot. I hope it causes it to sprout. Who knows. I might lose it. Or maybe not. Only time will tell.


6 thoughts on “Plant Experimentation: Dioscorea Elephantipes, Day 13.

    • Funny you should ask, Dan. Nope, no sign of life. I was getting bored with them the other day, so I took one of the seeds out of the potting mix it was in (there are still 4 left in that pot). I moved it to a moist coffee filter in a ziploc and let it sit there for a little while. The seed part is nice and plump; it seems like it will be viable. I repotted it yesterday into a new mix by itself and put that pot in a ziploc. I’m hoping some extra humidity will help. We shall see though. I’m itching for some sign of activity. =)

      Let me know when you see something from yours! Are you trying anything else interesting right now?

  1. Sounds like a good plan. I also got quite bored and investigated, mine are quite plump but nothing has emerged yet, the heat is probably a big issue as my place is quite cold as the weather has been dismal here in England. Thinking of investing in a heated propagator! got a few different seeds on the go, got Crassula Columnaris and Capitella in the standard pot in a ziplock but trying a technique of germinating in an absorbent cat litter. No signs of life, no surprise. Just potted up some pleiospilos nelii, and bought some sinningia leucotricha seeds, hoping they are a little easier to grow, kinda new to the seed game. How are your lithops doing? I have a collection (all shop bought) but am wondering if they would be any good.

    • My place has been on the warmer side, so I haven’t worried too much about heat. We did just start hitting 90 degree (Fahrenheit) weather, so I just turned the air conditioning on. I’m making sure to keep my little friends away from the a/c. I’ve been eyeing those heated propagators though. Could make a lot of things easier!

      I had looked at seeds for Crassula Columnaris, but hadn’t ordered them. Ooh! Those Capitella are pretty too! How long have you had those two going? Hopefully there will be some sign of life now! I’ve had pretty good success germinating some things in a moist coffee filter or paper towel in a ziploc bag (amorphophallus bulbifer, plumeria, morning glory, ponytail palm), but other things I’ve put into moist vermiculite in a ziploc (dwarf pomegranate and other fruit seeds). The cat litter sounds like it would be a similar principal to vermiculite? I looked up a picture of the sinningia leucotricha. Those are gorgeous! Hopefully those seeds will be easy to grow. Let me know how that works for you! If it works well, I might try it! I am also new to the seed game, but I figured it would be an fascinating and cheap way to obtain a lot of plants.

      My lithops are doing nothing. I only started with 10 seeds. I ended up ordering another pack I found (I think it’s a mixed pack too) with 100 seeds, so I can try them in a variety of ways. We shall see if I can get anything to work. I think I might grab some black sand from the aquarium shop to use across the top of the potting medium. I’m thinking if there is any sign of growth, it will be much easier to see green against black. I have some other seeds I haven’t started yet (more plumeria, some lavenders, a variety of other stuff) and some seeds I have started from fruits from the grocery store. I have updates to make to my blog today for all the started experiments. =)

  2. Oh wow were very lucky if its 90 degrees here, its been a pretty pathetic 60 degrees for a few weeks now. The two Capitella I have had for around a fortnight but no signs of anything still so im getting ready to dig in and see whats going on. The seeds are like microscopic so will have a job finding those things. Might just have to face not being able to grow anything tropically till I get a propagator.

    The amorphophallus bulbifer are very impressive looks like they can grow to be pretty huge! I love the ponytail palm too they look awesome. Are they good to grow from seed? Yea I guess they would as they both hold moisture well, never actually used vermiculite but very tempted to get a bag. Been using a whole load of perlite when potting up new plants but need something more gravely and sharp to aid with drainage as I collect cacti and succulents. The sinningia are great really interesting, read in a few places that they are fairly easy growers will let you know how that goes. I imagine there would be more satisfaction in growing things from seed, and your right a hell of a lot cheaper!

    Ah trial and error probably the best way to grow seeds. The black sand is a good idea, have you planted the seeds on top of the soil or under a thin layer? I would be interested to see how your lithops get on, will follow your updates 🙂 The Pleiospilos nelii are germinated in a fairly similar way to lithops so if they do well hopefully the skills are transferable. So far the only success I have had with seeds is Basil, though I think they would grow if I spilt them on the floor! Nice to see someone else having success though. Do you have a fruit/veggie patch?

    • Wow, 60 degrees? It’s cooled down a fair amount today – supposed to be a high of 83 degrees! =)

      Oh, sounds like the Capitella are similar in size to the Lithops. I won’t be able to find the ones I dropped into the pot I currently have. If the thing with the black sand doesn’t work, I won’t be able to find those either. Maybe with white sand I might be able to. I’m loving the amorphophallus bulbifers. I have two that are growing really well, and they were really easy too. Unfortunately, the amorphophallus would not fair well with the sun and heat we get, so they’ll be staying inside until I can get an area in the back yard situated for them. The ponytail palms were easy too. I just threw those in a moist coffee filter in a storage container and tossed in a drawer. We will see what kind of specimens they turn out to be later though.

      I love the vermiculite for starting some seeds, as it holds moisture very well and less fear of fungus or mold problems. I mix perlite into all of my container plants that are ready for a real soil. I love the perlite. Hmm, more gravelly and sharp… I know in the orchid bark mix, they have what feels like some kind of pumice or something. It’s white, very chunky, and I’m sure it would help with drainage. I’m not sure what it is, but I’m sure they have something similar available. Though I find it difficult to find some of the mediums recommended. I’m fascinated by the cacti and succulents, especially since a lot of them hold up well in the heat we get here.

      I’m loving the cheaper part of seeds, though I find that is also a bad thing, because I keep ordering more. =) The lithops they said to put under a thin layer, but that seems to be going nowhere. So I think when I start the next batch, I will sprinkle them on top of the black sand and probably put the pot in a ziploc (I’ll probably do some without the ziploc too, for testing purposes). This is the first time (just the last month or two) that I’ve tried growing anything from seed. I’ve never really had good luck with the few plants I’ve had, so was never that interested. I’m finding enjoyment in it now though. I do not have a fruit and veggie patch yet, though I am hoping to set something like that up, hopefully this next year. I’ve got room in my back yard for probably one box garden and a couple fruit trees. I just need to decide exactly what I want. =)

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