Plant Experimentation: Dwarf Pomegranate (Punica Granatum Nana), Day 12.

I have been checking the baggies of moist vermiculite containing dwarf pomegranate seeds every couple days. I have not expected a whole lot of action, because from my research, it seemed these could take a while to make their move. I went to check baggies today, to make sure all the kids are staying moist.

First up, I checked the baggy containing the five seeds that have been sitting in moist vermiculite at room temperature.

6/5/2011 Dwarf Pomegranate Seeds in Ziploc at Room Temperature

Again, expecting nothing, I go through my normal routine of trying to find the seeds amongst the moist vermiculite. They blend in extremely well and can be difficult to find. Sometimes it takes a minute, and sometimes I never see all the seeds. This time, the first one I found looked different. It already has a little white tail beginning to make it’s way out. Score!

6/5/2011 Germinating Dwarf Pomegranate Seed

It was so hard to get a picture of the little seed. The white background does not help, but I could not find anything to act as a suitable background. The seeds are pretty small, but you can see the little white tail curling around it. And so it starts! Now I have to figure out how soon I need to move the little guy into his own pot and how to handle that transition.

And on to the next baggy.

6/5/2011 Dwarf Pomegranate Seeds Soaked for 48 hours and placed in Moist Vermiculite

These 5 seeds were first soaked for 48 hours in warm water. They were then placed into a ziploc baggy with moist vermiculite, just like the first set of seeds. Again, I go through and try to locate the seeds amongst the mix. And I found this little baby.

6/5/2011 Dwarf Pomegranate Seed Sprout from Soaked Room Temp Baggy

It’s a little difficult to see, because the vermiculite is sticking to it a bit. But this seed has a much longer root coming out of it, and it seems to have gotten rid of its shell as well. I do believe it will begin to form leaves rather soon.

I have no pictures, but I did check the baggy of seeds placed in moist vermiculite in the fridge, as well as the baggy that was soaked and then placed into the fridge. I do believe there may be at least one seed in one of those baggies that is just barely beginning to sprout, but it wasn’t enough to get a picture of. We shall see what it looks like in another day or two.


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