Plant Experimentation: Ipomoea Tricolor ‘Heavenly Blue’ (Morning Glory), Day 11.

The morning glory children seem to be doing alright in their pots. They are popping their little heads out, though most seem to be having a little difficulty getting the seed off their little heads. They are going out on the front porch most of the day, getting indirect sunlight for now. I did not want to shock them, since they are still so little. In a couple days, I will start putting them out on the back patio, so they can get the morning sunlight. I should probably get them into their own separate pots soon.

6/4/2011 Ipomoea Tricolor 'Heavenly Blue' Morning Glory Seedlings

The only problem is that I am feeling very hesitant about these plants. I keep reading these horror stories of morning glories gone out of control. I get different information from different places. Some sites say that it is the bindweed that gets out of control, not the ipomoea tricolors. However, other people have said that the tricolors have also gone out of control for them, and warn people never to plant them. I also talked to my uncle, who had planted morning glories in his backyard a year or two ago. I am not sure exactly what type they are. I believe he bought them as plants. They had gone out of control with their growth and runners, reaching themselves up and over the block wall they are attached to. The neighbor behind has a lot of fruit trees in his backyard, and the morning glory basically grew over the top of them, covering them. Major problems.

I am afraid that even growing them in a pot, on concrete, that they might find a way to reach their little fingers into my yard and take control. Paranoia? Healthy caution? I’m just not sure. I love the morning glory flowers, but I don’t want problems down the road. I am not sure if I am going to keep these.


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