Plant Experimentation: Voodoo Lily, Day 7.

Three of the five amorphophallus bulbifer (voodoo lily) seeds I had placed into moist paper towels and a ziploc bag have started sprouting roots. I’m still working on making sure I keep my camera close at hand, so I can capture those step-by-step photos, so no pictures this time.

I removed the three sprouting seeds and placed them into a small four inch clay pot, using the Miracle-Gro seed starting mix. Using it the first time, I did not see any fungus gnats or anything like that, though I think I did notice some the next time I went to use it. I did however like the texture and quality of the mix. Very fluffy. Seems to remain fluffy even if it has sat in the sun and baked for a bit. I’ve read good and bad reviews, but it is easily available and inexpensive so I figured I would try it. I also placed plastic wrap over the top, but I do not think that is sufficient.

I am thinking I should repot these again now, moving them to individual 4 inch plastic pots, using the same potting mix. Then I am thinking those pots will be placed into ziploc bags, rather than covered with plastic wrap, to maintain humidity until they break the surface.


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