Plant Experimentation: Ponytail Palm, Day 1.

Another experiment. Ponytail Palm seeds.

Ponytail Palm Seed Packet

I decided to germinate these in moist paper towels. I spread the seeds out on one half of a moistened paper towel.

Ponytail Palm Seeds.

I folded the paper towel over, and moistened that side as well.

Ponytail Palm Seeds in Paper Towel, Day 1.

The paper towel is inside a tupperware container.

Ponytail Palm Seeds in Tupperware

I was not sure whether it should be sealed or not, so I left one corner cracked. I placed the tupperware container in a dark drawer, and will check it regularly.

Tupperware Container in Drawer


2 thoughts on “Plant Experimentation: Ponytail Palm, Day 1.

    • Hi SignalChaos,

      Two of the ponytail palm seeds are still going strong. One is living inside near a window facing north, and the other is living outside on the front porch. I’ll try to get updated pictures up tomorrow. =)

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