Plant Experimentation: Bowiea Volubilis (Sea Onion, Climbing Onion), Day 1.

I was looking for plants that were similar to my Pregnant Onion, which multiplies by these little bulblets that come off of it. I came across some posts about this plant, Bowiea Volubilis, also known as a Sea Onion or Climbing Onion. It is supposed to multiply in the same way, and also grows a little vine out the top, that can be wound through a small trellis in the container. I thought it was amazing, and I found a site where I could get it for $5.00 (Hortus Botanicus Catalog, I’m sure you can find them if you search for them). I expected only 1 small bulb, but it came with 2 small ones and 1 tiny one. I put them all in the same pot.

5/22/2011 Bowiea Volubilis (Sea Onion, Climbing Onion)

One of the bulbs already had a small growth out the top. The other two appear to be dormant. They do not seem to be rotting away or anything, so I assume they are still viable and are just dormant at the moment.


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