Plant Experimentation: Phalaenopsis Orchid (TJ), Day 51.

5/21/2011 Phalaenopsis Orchid (TJ) Repotted.

I repotted my little friend (sort of). I really was not sure what I was doing. The sphagnum moss used to wrap the roots was so solid and clumped around the roots, I was afraid to really pull it all out, for fear of breaking whatever roots may still be viable. I pulled off what I felt comfortable with, wrapped with some fresh sphagnum, and placed into a larger clear pot.

However, I am not really satisfied with the way this has turned out. I think it could probably use a smaller pot, and I really need to get all the old medium out from between the roots, so I can really evaluate their state of being. I’m thinking I need a different size pot and different potting medium, maybe the bark. Research, research.




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