Plant Experimentation: Phalaenopsis Orchid (TJ), Day 45.

On April 1st, I had picked up a potted orchid plant from Trader Joe’s for like $12.99. I’ve bought them once or twice before, but never got them to survive. I figured for $12.99, I could always buy a new one. However, I want this one to survive. I’ve been trying to be careful, watering only when dry. I need to pick up a humidity tray for it, but have not yet done that. I’ve been trying to mist it with distilled water once a day.

Trader Joe's Orchid

This last week, a couple of the flowers have started to wilt and the little stems will yellow before they die. I have been cutting them off as they die.

Yellowing Orchid Flower

Today, I noticed that a couple of the orchid leaves under the top leaves have actually died and appear to have started to mold.

Dead Orchid Leaves

There was also an English ivy planted in the same planter, and the leaves on that appear to be wilting and dying off as well.

Dying Ivy Leaves

My suspicion is one of a couple things: (1) The medium used for planting this orchid may not be the appropriate medium; (2) Perhaps the way I am watering is not sufficient or is overdoing it. I posted to the forums on Dave’s Garden and am waiting to see what suggestions people may have.


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