Plant Experimentation: Aloe Saponaria Pups, Day 5.

The four aloe saponaria pups are doing fine. They are in pots, inside, in cactus potting mix. Since some already had roots, I don’t expect much trouble from them.

In fact, I think – THINK – that the two pups in pot 1 may already be making some positive changes. It appears that there may be a complete leaf coming up through the middle of one of them. Since these had been run over by the lawn mower on multiple occasions, any sign of growth is a positive thing.

Here is the plant in pot 1:

Aloe Saponaria Pups, Pot 1, Day 5.

It is the plant on the bottom that has the leaf in the middle. It does also seem that both are sitting higher in the pots than they originally were. I am not sure if this is due to the soil settling or perhaps growth under the soil.

Here is pot 2:

Aloe Saponaria Pups, Pot 2, Day 5.

Since it’s been a few days since I had potted them, I took both pots out to the front porch today and watered. I let them sit out there in the sun until the pot had finished draining, and then brought them both back inside.


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