Plant Experimentation: Agapanthus bulbs, Day 1.

I have an area of my yard where agapanthus (I think) bulbs pop up out of the ground each year. However, either the soil is inefficient for them, or there are pests in that area that are killing them, or the sun is not sufficiently hitting them in that location. Every year, they pop up halfheartedly and quickly die back down, never reaching their full potential. Today, since they have already died back down (and since it rained last night and I could get a shovel into the ground), I dug some of the bulbs up.

I am not sure whether they are healthy or damaged, but I tried to pick the most healthy looking, based on my guesses of what they should look like. I covered the holes in the bottom of the container with a coffee filter so my potting medium doesn’t wash out, added about an inch of perlite on top of that to improve drainage, and filled with potting soil until about 2-3 inches from the top. I plopped the bulbs on top, covered with potting soil, watered, and allowed to drain.

I have moved the pots to the front porch where they can get some good sun. I am hoping that perhaps they can survive and be healthier in a pot than they’ve been able to be in the ground back there. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of all my steps, and only have pictures of the finished project, which is nothing to look at currently.

Agapanthus Bulbs, Pot 1 (Left side of Porch).

Agapanthus Bulbs - Pot 2 (Right side of porch)


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