Plant Experimentation: Night Blooming Jessamine, Day 1.

There is a large Night Blooming Jessamine bush growing on the fence line between my yard and my neighbor’s yard. It does not emit any perfume that I’ve ever noticed, but it does have these beautiful, delicate flowers.

I decided to try to grow this plant from cuttings, figuring if it works, great; if not, there is no real loss. I think this plant is normally grown in soil when grown as cuttings, but I know some cuttings can root in water alone. I decided to try both ways.

First, this is what the bush looks like:


These are the flowers on it:


My first step was to take the cuttings, cutting at a diagonal below the third or fourth set of leaves, and to remove all but the top leaves to retain as much moisture as possible:


I then dipped the bottoms in a rooting hormone powder and planted in a potting soil:


I took three more cuttings, following the same procedures:


These have gone into plain faucet water:


I’m not sure whether any will survive, as this is my first attempt. Good luck, little cuttings!


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