Plant Experimentation: Aloe Pups, Day 1.

I guess the type of aloe is  most likely Aloe saponaria, though there are a crazy number of different types, so I am not 100% on that.

I dug up a few of the aloe pups that had grown their way out of the garden bed and were in the grass. They’ve been mown over a few times and so the tops are very damaged. I am not sure if they will come back or not, but I figured since they haven’t died yet, they deserve a chance.  They all had roots of their own, though one seemed to still be attached by a stem to the mother.

Aloe Pups with Roots

I potted them in 2 to a pot in a small pot with cactus potting mix. I’m not sure if that is appropriate or not, but since they seem to endure everything, I hoped this would work.

Aloe Pups Planted

I have four altogether, in 2 pots. I brought the pots inside and put them on a shelf that gets pretty good indirect sunlight all day long. I have not yet watered them (the potting soil feels pretty moist), and I will wait a couple days to do so.

Pup Pot Inside

Hopefully they will survive and thrive and be healthier than the parents!


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