Plant Experimentation: Aloe Bulbils, Day 1.

I am experimenting with the plants found in my front and back yards to see if I can propagate them.

My first experiment is with the Aloe plants growing in my back yard. They have bloomed and some of the blooms are turning to seeds or plantlets (not sure what the proper term is for them). I plant to try growing both the seeds and the leaves if I can.

First, here is a picture of the parents plants:

Full grown aloe plants in backyard

The location where they are at is quite a mess. These were already planted in the yard when we bought the house about two years ago. Unfortunately, the garage had to be sanded and painted, and as of yet, we have still not gotten all of the paint chips out of the bed. I’m not sure if this is causing the aloe plants to not look so fantastic, or if perhaps it is a combination of the weeds, the 110 degree summers and the full sun the plants receive through out the day.

Here is a close up of the base of the aloe plant:

Base of the parent aloe plants

Here is a close up of the blossoms:

Aloe Blossom

I noticed the other day there were little seed-looking things at the base of some of the blossoms that were starting to die back:

Several aloe seeds or plantlets at the base of a past-its-prime blossom

Here is a close up of one of the seeds:

Close up of one seed on the base of an aloe blossom

I went this morning and got supplies to try to plant these babies. Here is what they looked like when I pulled them off the stem:

Aloe Seeds or Plantlets

For the first batch, I could not find a pumice potting medium, as was recommended by one site. Instead I grabbed a bag of cactus potting soil and am hoping that maybe, just maybe, that will do the job.

First batch of Aloe seeds planted

We shall see if anything comes of it. These are sitting inside my house near a window that gets indirect sunlight all day long. I am not sure if this soil is going to remain too moist for these seeds, but I am hoping that it will work since aloe seems to be such a hardy plant (even after extreme neglect in my yard).

Good luck to me! =)


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